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Pest Control in London: The Dangers DIY Self-Help When Dealing with Wasps

Wasps enjoy summer in London and that’s why they always announce their unpopular presence with annual regularity. Like other pests associated with wasp pest control in London, wasps never seek permission before making themselves comfortable by building nests to provide shelter and protection from the elements. They also maintain a tendency for becoming harmfully aggressive by inflicting nasty stings on an unfortunate victim. It is to prevent such occurrences that experts always recommend that you research wasp nest removal cost

A wasp pest control search on the internet brings up a ton of self-help material that might seem to reduce costs and help in the wasp nest removal cost. This natural human desire to get around spending hard-earned money is completely justifiable. The sober reality remains that wasp nest removal DIY tips masquerade many dangers that only professionals licensed to deal with wasp pest control in London can handle efficiently. In continuation, you need to establish the identity of the wasps on your property.

Which Wasps More Prevalent in London?

It might interest you to know that there are about 200,000 known species of wasps, and another 100,000 species are waiting to be discovered. Although wasps are not necessarily man’s best companion, they play an important role in maintaining a balance in the ecosystem. This is because they lay their eggs in the bodies of crop pests, practically functioning as an alternative to chemical pesticides. As predators, they maintain the food chain and without them, food webs would break down. Wasps are also pollinators of flowers and crops.

The most commonly found wasp in London responsible for thousands of calls for wasp nest removal is the Yellow jacket wasp (Vespula Vulgaris). These are the black and stripy species you often swat away. These Yellowjacket wasps have a fascinating social life that is like that of bees. In their colony, there’s the queen wasp and the workers who contribute to building the nest and sourcing food. A professional wasp pest control service specialist is familiar with this mode of operation and the best way to handle them.

Wasp Pest Control in London and How to Stay Steps Ahead of Wasp Nests

Wasps migrate through different yards and gardens from time to time. They particularly settle where they feel most comfortable and, once this happens, they build a nest. Thus, there are several ways you could organize your space to reduce the chances of wasps getting comfortable around you.

  • Avoid Leaving Leftovers In The Open: Wasps like a protein-rich meal anytime, any day. The smell of grill leftovers or picnic food remains scattered in bits around a place can entice them into staying.
  • Eliminate Spiders In Your Garden: As winter gets to an end, hibernation also ends, and the queen wasps and her workers are hungry. They usually hover above the ground to target larvae, grubs, and other insects such as spiders. That’s why getting rid of spiders in your garden is critical in preventing a wasp infestation.
  • Flowers: Just like we initially called attention to, wasps are pollinators and are attracted to flowers. They love the sweet-smelling fragrance that flowers produce. To solve this, you should plant flowers that wasps aren’t too enthusiastic about, such as Red flowers, and Marigold. Alternatively, there are flowers that bloom before the wasp season or those that don’t produce enough nectar, for instance, geraniums.

Keeping to these rules will decimate the chances of having to contact a house pest control service for a wasp infestation. However, experience with pest control in London shows these wasps may still choose to settle.

Risks Associated with DIY Self-help on Wasp Control and Removal

Wasp nest removal cost is one of the main reasons for DIY Wasp control. Wasps commonly use the wood from outdoor ceiling areas, mixing it with their saliva to produce a paper-like substance that makes up the nest. A single nest can contain up to ten thousand wasps, many of which are females that work on making the nest larger. We find these nests in warm places with minimal disturbance such as the loft, attic, rooftop cracks, inside walls, and many other places that can be hard to reach. Trying to engage in wasp treatment without finding out about wasp nest removal cost services can quickly result in the following disastrous situations;

  • Falling: This sounds simpler than it is. Since wasps like to stay in hard-to-reach spaces such as the roof, it might tempt you to remove them after reading a DIY piece without using the proper equipment. A wasp or two drifting around your face can instigate loss of concentration and make you lose your balance, resulting in physical injury which can be serious depending on the height.
  • Getting Stung; Wasp stings are never a pleasant sight to see. Most cases associated with unprofessional wasp nest removal result in multiple stings, as wasps can produce many poisoned-filled stings without dying. The sting always begets itchy red skin, sharp pain in the affected area and general swelling. A simple act of professional wasp removal and control would insure against this agonising experience.
  • Burning Yourself or Your Property: Many DIY wasp nest removal strategies involve the use of fire. This is highly dangerous and not even effective in eradicating the wasps. Also, because wasp nests are made of paper pulp, they’re highly combustible. Any slight mistake can cause painful injury from burns, or even more extensive damage to your property by fire.
  • Water Damage To Your Property: Another inefficient but popular DIY method of wasp nest removal is the use of water to flood the nest. Every wasp pest control service would advise you against this method. Using water in your attic will readily cause damage to the attic beams and ceiling plaster boards.

As a matter of safety, it is absolutely clear that on no account should you substitute professional help in place of an easy fix in wasp control. There are wasp removal services near you that would take readily take this problem off your hands. This article by British Pest Control Agency contains additional information 

The Grim Possibility of Death Cannot Be Excluded

Death, as grave, as it sounds, is a possibility that comes with the unprofessional removal of wasp nests. This grim reality is linked to a simple reason that is rarely discussed in most DIY material pertaining to wasp pest control in London. That reason is called an allergy.

It is not possible to diagnose a person with an allergic response to a wasps’ sting until the sting happens. An allergic response to a wasp sting is high on the scale of severity. It has symptoms such as high blood pressure, increased breathing, convulsions and worst-case scenario, cardiopulmonary arrest resulting in death. To avoid any near-fatal experience, engage competently licensed wasp pest removal services near you.

In the first instance you should obtain a wasp nest removal cost.

How To Locate A Reliable wasp nest removal cost Service Near You

Pest Control in London has developed just as much as humanity has evolved. With several strokes of your keypad or keyboard, you can get in contact with professional help for wasp nest removal. Most businesses have an online presence and locating a wasp pest control service near you can be done with ease.

All you have to do is search for a wasp removal service near you or emergency wasp removal in cases of emergencies. Carefully review customer feedback as they contain just the information you need in making an informed decision. You can also examine experience, expertise, and the wasp nest removal cost if you’re looking for a good bargain. With all these criteria, you should be able to select an efficient service to help remove that hazardous wasp nest.

Publication: 30/06/2022 08:03

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