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The Use of Pigeon Spikes as a Means of Pest Control in London

Many residents of London and its environs love the view of birds, especially pigeons. The way they fly in numbers, and their varying beautiful colours, fill them with awe and amazement. Nevertheless, this incredible experience can soon turn sour if multiple pigeons start nesting on your property, and begin releasing their acidic feces which is not only sight-repulsive but also dangerous to your health. This situation will no doubt prompt you to consult a specialist in pigeon control in London who will advise you on the most effective pigeon pest control methods to use.


While contemplating the best pigeon pest control methods to employ, pigeon spikes are often suggested by professionals in pigeon control in London. This is because when compared with other alternatives like ultrasound pigeon repeller, and a bird shock tape, one can say that pigeon spikes are more effective, cost-efficient, and safe to use as pigeons rarely get seriously injured by them. This makes them the right choice for you.


How Effective are Pigeon Spikes as a means of Pigeon Pest Control in London?


Pigeon Spikes are undoubtedly one of the most effective means of pigeon control in London. A reason for this is that this pigeon pest control material consists of needle-like long rods, which can easily be seen by the pigeons while still in flight, thereby making them decide quickly not to perch on that surface seeing that it won't be a comfortable landing space. No doubt, with it, your roof and other flat surfaces around you will have peace from pigeon disturbance.


Furthermore, according to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 in the United Kingdom, citizens are forbidden to kill wild birds as long as they are not posing a serious threat to their health or causing any serious damage to their homes and properties. So, in employing pigeon pest control while still obeying the 1981 Act, many Londoners adopted the pigeon spike method. This has been a very effective means of pigeon control in London as just a little prick is received by pigeons and other birds from the spikes while trying to land on the spike-filled surfaces.


Where can Pigeon Spikes be used?


Pigeon Spikes, as a means of pigeon pest control can be used in virtually any horizontal public building or outdoor structure where large birds commonly roost. It can be installed on rain gutters, walls, ledges, television cameras, and closed circuits. These regions due to their spaces and structure, appeal to pigeons, and so before a pigeon pest infestation occurs, you should apply some pigeon spikes. 


Furthermore, professionals in pigeon control in London advise people to use pigeon spikes on the roofline, parapet walls, and window sills. When multiple pigeons perch on these locations, they can do as much as disfiguring your house and giving your house environment an awful smell. I trust you won't like that! So before it starts occurring, endeavor to get and install some pigeon spikes as a means of pigeon pest control in these locations.


Other places where you can use  pigeon spikes are on pipes and chimneys. You might conclude that these places are not that important and noticeable to the public, and so consulting a professional in pigeon control in London or applying pigeon spikes there is not necessary. Nevertheless, regions like these, when left alone, can host lots of pigeons, who will in time start advancing to other cherished parts of your property. So comes the need for pigeon spikes.


How are Pigeon Spikes installed in London?


In installing pigeon spikes as a means of pigeon control in London, there are four easy steps to follow. They are:


·         Clean the areas: Specialists in pigeon control in London do mention that the first step is to ensure that the areas where the spikes are to be applied are clean, well dried, and have no bird droppings.

·         Apply silicone to the spike base: Silicon in varying thickness should be applied to the spike base of the area. Ensure the glue is suitable before fully installing the spikes to achieve effective pigeon pest control.

·         Firmly push down the spike row: The first row of spikes should be carefully and firmly stuck towards the ledge's front, so as for the leading edges to be fully protected by the spikes.

·         Add additional rows of spikes to larger areas: For larger areas like the rooftop, you should add more rows of spikes so as to achieve effective pigeon pest control and to avoid having a wide space behind the first row, as pigeons might still find their way there.


Other than the widespread adhesive fixing, other forms of spike fixing are gutter clips, cable ties, and screw fixing.


Who Can Install a Pigeon Spike?


Having read the steps to install a pigeon spike, you might be wondering if you can do it yourself or consult a professional in pigeon control in London. If this is the case with you, I recommend you first consult a specialist in pigeon control in London. These have been trained on the effective use of pigeon spikes as a method of pigeon pest control and have a wealth of knowledge on what steps to take to avoid future recurrence of pigeon infestation around your property.


Private individuals can indeed install pigeon spikes as a means of pigeon pest control. But they must have read about the steps on pigeon spikes installation and be sure of the appropriate locations to use it to achieve the highest effectiveness. If you have done this, then you can proceed with the installation of pigeon spikes on your property.


Which Quality of Pigeon Spikes Should I go for?


Pigeon Spikes come in varying qualities. In attaining effective pigeon pest control, you can purchase pigeon spikes made from either plastic or steel materials. Plastic Pigeon spikes have a slightly lower cost when compared to steel. Aesthetically, some people prefer plastic pigeon spikes as a means of pigeon control in London due to their transparent nature and the fact that it reflects the background color of the area where it is installed. So if you are a fan of aesthetics, then a plastic pigeon spike is the best choice for you!


Steel pigeon spikes, when it comes to durability, can be said to last longer than that plastic. This pigeon pest control type is slightly more expensive than plastic pigeon spikes. Steel pigeon spikes, due to their thin structure, and matt pins, are often considered to be less visible against structures that they are attached to and for this, professionals in pigeon control in London often choose them over their plastic counterparts. Having considered these two qualities of pigeon spikes, I hope you will be able to make the right choice and eventually achieve your goal of having a pigeon-infestation-free society.

Publication: 27/07/2022 06:33

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