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Vivant sex dolls for hundreds of pounds

It's the latest manifestation of the ongoing 'sex-bot' craze, which sees men turning to lifelike dolls for sexual gratification. We've previously seen sex doll brothels, self-lubricating sex robots, and even secondhand sex-bot trading forums.

Now obsessed sex-bot fans are renting dolls from Los Angeles-based Vivant little sex dolls for hundreds of pounds per night. Customers pick the doll they want and order one for a date and time – and then it turns up in a cardboard box, just like a takeaway pizza.

sex doll sale

For Michelle Shnaidman, CEO of feminist sex and porn platform Bellesa, using a sex doll isn't wildly different from using other devices.You're probably wondering about hygiene – but Vivant discount sex dolls claims to have this all covered. Each doll allegedly goes through a deep-cleaning process between use, to make sure future customers don't receive a crusty companion.

A doll delivery will also come with water-based lube and non-latex condoms. The goal is to protect not only the client, but the doll as well. "We'll never be able to say, 'We're 100 per cent sure that there's zero traces of anything.' But we can guarantee that with 99.9 per cent certainty. It's the same thing as if you go out to a bar and find someone you like, and you two have sex — you still have to protect yourself. It's the same principle."

Publication: 9 April 6:24

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