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Create and manage a short text campaign

Advertise on e-nautia from 0.05 €/click.

Why advertise on e-nautia?

1. Simplicity of set-up
Launching a campaign has never been so simple and it happens in three steps: registration on the site, loading your advertising credit account (dodos) and the launch of your campaign.

2. Targeting
Define your geographic and linguistic criteria and whether or not you wish to distribute to your subscribers.

3. Budget control
You set the budget for each campaign. You are free to stop it at any moment.

4. Ethical and effective advertising
By advertising on e-nautia, your ads will benefit from ethical distribution. In fact, e-nautia does not use any aggressive formats (pop-up windows, ads that hide content…) that annoy Internet users and harm your image. Your ad is next to content and the user will only click if he or she is interested. Your advertising credit is only debited when they are clicked.

5. Visibility and exposure
Improve your visibility on the Internet by going off the beaten path.
By advertising on e-nautia, your ads aren't drowned out in the mass and stay visible. On e-nautia, a user stays on a page for almost 4 minutes on average. It's that much visibility ensured for your ad.

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