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Hi, what should I do about my mental health?
Hello, I'm thinking about going to a psychologist or some therapist I would love online therapy, but I don't know if I should do it AND because I don't have much money, I feel a little bad…
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I like - Comment - Share - 19/12/2022 13:18 - Public
Brain Philipenko: Hi, first of all, all you need to know about your mental and psychological health is that it can change at any time, so you need to watch it sometime to make sure it's always in order. This is, by the way, very good advice that you should definitely take, and because if you watch your mental health, it will be much easier for you in life.
I like - 20/12/2022 15:39
Brandon Fandom: By the way, did you even know that mental health develops with age and that it can be very difficult to change on your own? At some age, it pretty much stops changing, and if the power of action was any kind of problem, consider that it's with you practically for life. So I have some bad news for you.
I like - 20/12/2022 21:29
Neit Kalin: Basically, all my thoughts have been written here instead of me by previous commenters, but from myself I want to say that basically a psychological condition is like a thin thread, and if you treat it yourself, you will be walking on a sharp blade. Because it will be very difficult to cure it yourself, and in the worst case you may even make it worse. I would recommend you to consult better with a specialist. But I won't tell you which one, because I haven't dealt with this problem yet.
I like - 21/12/2022 14:08
Bapoater Lendov: Hi my friend, you know, definitely regardless of whether you have a lot of money or not you should definitely see a psychologist right now and there are so many good options that are quite wildly cheap. I'd be happy to recommend that you look at this option right now, for example. I think you can quite easily both determine your level of mental and psychological health here because of one to find a good psychologist. Through this online mental state test provider , who can even contact you via Skype. And I assure you that he will check you well even through this program, because he is licensed and can see what kind of disorders you have or don't have at all. All in all, my friend, I definitely recommend you to use exactly this service.
I like - 21/12/2022 22:58
hello all mans
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