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Hello Sir Madam,

I am Ms. Lucida SOMALESSE of France I am looking loan money for several months I have been 6 times scam vitimes with lenders who need Rune me, I made a suicide attempt due to them. For I had debts and bills to pay. I thought it was over for me I no longer have the sense of living.

But fortunately I have seen testimonies made by many people on MR POLO Marcos, this is how I contacted him to get my loan to settle my debts and my project. It is with Marcos POLO than life, my smile again it is a simple and MR very understanding heart. Beware you comers lenders Africa because there are indeed individuals lenders here in France

If you need financing; lending of money or any project that MAN will achieve this help you achieve and sustain you financially

please contact this address:
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