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e-nautia grab the attention of the Competition Authority to stop the abusive practices of Google

June 26, 2017

Ave e-nauts!

The counter-attack continues. e-nautia filed a complaint with the Competition Authority against Google to stop anti-competitive and discriminatory practices.

For several times and for several years, Google threatens the development of e-nautia by blocking the displays and therefore the potential advertising revenue generated via the AdSense network without a legitimate reason. The consequence is a direct threat to the economic model of free e-nautia services financed by the advertising.

To justify its action, the multinational blames e-nautia not to check each content published on the site. As on any hosting site (social networks, hosting sites, video and other files sharing, etc.), this is technically impossible. In fact, a minority of the content can actually be illegal. Their withdrawal is made on a report, in accordance with the provisions of legislation, like any other legal hosting and content sharing site.

Through his maneuver, Google therefore imposes an absurd rule on e-nautia and is fully aware of it. Indeed, Google does not apply this rule to its own sites. This is the case on YouTube (owned by Google) where many inappropriate and illegal contents have been found. Yet YouTube streams AdSense advertising without being blocked.

Thanks to its dominance on the search engines, the multinational Google has constituted a quasi-monopoly on online advertising by concentrating the largest network of advertisers that there is out there. In other words, its AdSense solution has become a must for many to ensure the viability of free services funded by advertising. In fact, Google has the power to prevent any competing service from being born and developed.

By its actions, we believe that Google finds itself in breach of the law for the abuse of a dominant position (defined by article 102 of the founding treaty of the European Union and by article L. 420-2 of the commercial Code in France). This behavior also constitutes a discriminatory practice (punishable and defined by French law n ° 2008-776 of 4 August 2008).

Despite our exchanges and formal notices, the Google firm continues to do so.

To stop the trouble caused and to prevent other companies from being threatened, the Competition Authority was informed by us and we are asking them to take quickly the appropriate actions in order to prevent Google from harming us further.

You have been so many in providing us with your financial support for the lawsuit against Google in 2016. And we want to thank you all. This proves that Internet users are not just spectators and they can commit themselves to a free internet.

This support is not in vain. Indeed, the European Commission is investigating a possible abuse of Google via its AdSense service. The Commission considers that the practices of Google "have artificially reduced the possibilities of competitors" and that Google have not "the right to deprive other businesses the opportunity to compete and to innovate". (source: Reuters)
e-nautia wishes to give its testimony.

Our approach is to enforce the law and that the e-nautia users to be respected. It is important to prevent any firm structuring a market from stifling other businesses. The challenge today is whether we want a world run by a multinational that prevents the birth and development of any potential competitor or whether we want a free world. The competition is a chance. We must preserve it as long as it is possible. It is essential to innovate, to offer the best services to Internet users and to be away from any harmful hegemony.

#StopGoogle #JoinUs

Update: October 15, 2017

On September 16, Google to a large extend removed the e-nautia site on its search engine causing a global traffic drop of 46%. This action was probably made in retaliation, following the referral of the Competition Authority and the denunciation of the company's abusive and illegal practices. But e-nautia is not afraid! e-nautia is ready to deal with this kind of intimidation. This only reinforces our determination to fight and stive for the independence of the Web. You too, join us and talk about it around you!

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