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Oksexdoll is one of the world's top rated full size sex doll shops, we only provide high quality life-size sex dolls. We promise all dolls are premium and realistic. Free shipping worldwide.
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Improving sex doll finger joints
People are trying to add a metal skeleton to the Real Doll's fingers, but the hardness of the metal skeleton is too strong. The silicone skin of the finge…
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Why know the weight of a sex doll?
Before you buy a sex doll, it is important to know the weight of your TPE sex robot. The weight of sex dolls is often the first time many sex doll owners experience unexpected surprises. You might think that 70 pounds aren't that heavy, but when it's a full body it might be harder to carry and harder than a 70-pound barbell. If you are elderly or disabled, this is a more important consideration. How do you plan to move your sex doll to different parts of your home? How are you going to put her in different sex positions? And how do you get them into the bathroom for cleaning? It is important to understand the reality of owning a sex doll before taking any chances.

For example, a busty, wide-hipped sex doll for men can weigh as much as 100 pounds, while a shorter, slimmer love doll can weigh as little as 50 pounds. In general, a standard full-size silicone sex doll or TPE weighs about 30 kilograms on average. The weight of the sex doll depends on the size and proportion of the doll.

What is the lightest sex doll?
If a light real doll is important to you, you have several options. If you want a full size sex doll, there are sex dolls that weigh around 50 pounds and are usually 10 to 5 inches tall. Although they would be considered small on real women, they can actually save you an extra inch in the weight department.

These dolls are easier to lift and store than larger dolls.
The doll in the picture is a good example: it is a large love doll that is not too heavy. She weighs about 55 pounds, which is about half the weight of a real woman, and you can still get a decent figure with realistic proportions.

For extremely light dolls, you can also buy a small silicone love doll with a height of 141 cm. The miniature love dolls or sex dolls that you buy have a light torso but obviously much smaller than real love dolls. The advantage of mini sex dolls is that they are also much cheaper as they require less material to manufacture and lower transportation costs.
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A Guide to Female Sexuality
The first step to better sex—in addition to men working really hard—is to forget what mainstream pornography and patriarchy teach about sex. I mean, for example, all the boring dynamics on the bed or the supposedly completely insane orgasm during intercourse. Throw all of this in a mental trash can and start loving by your rules. Here are some tips for making this change. Now Silicone love doll or sex robot is entering the relationship between husband and wife

Touch yourself when making love, that's the best advice I can give young women. I remember the first few times I felt frozen and stiff and I was always afraid that if I rubbed my clitoris during intercourse my partner would think I was weird. At the end of the day, everyone involved wants to have fun—many people can't achieve orgasm through infiltration alone. This is the true feeling of women.

At the same time, it's also good if there is full size sex doll instead. This is your body, and if that's how you get the most sexual pleasure out of it, then do it. A good sex partner will not look at you askance because of this. You will all have a better experience.

I want us to talk more about masturbation. Because when I was young, I was ashamed. I believe that young women in particular still see masturbation as a "dirty" thing, it's best to hide it. When masturbation isn't a taboo subject, we will feel more confident about sex and understand our bodies better. Because if you know exactly what you like, you can bring this knowledge into the bedroom together with the sex doll and have better sex. A win-win situation!

If you're having a hard time telling your partner what you want, watch each other masturbate. It's rare that you immediately achieve the rhythm and pressure that the other likes. That's why it's so nice to masturbate together. Sex doll for men strengthen your relationship, you can really let go, which is also a good place to start.
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Five reasons to buy realistic dolls
1. No investment required
Let's face it, not everyone wants to grapple with the complexities of interpersonal relationships. In fact, quite a few people desire only one partner to satisfy their ultimate desire. Not only can all fantasies be realized with Real Doll, but there are also no restrictions. Do you hate it when your partner tells you that you are too weird and irresponsible? Then the silicone love doll is your perfect choice!
2. Safe to use
Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Everyone is afraid of getting them. The risk of sexually transmitted disease is related to having multiple sex partners. This is especially true when we involve sex workers. Love dolls are a safer method as you can rest assured that you are not at risk of these dreadful diseases.
3. Customization
Are you the type of person who likes a certain look? Would you like to try different races?Full size Sex dolls are a foolproof way to achieve the look you want, anytime, anywhere. A quick Google search, you will see that sex doll for men can come in different shapes. There are even some models that can be customized to suit the most demanding tastes.
4. Risk of pregnancy = 0
Do you like to eat it raw? Of course, you know. feels good! But when the condom falls off, there's always that kind of fear. Stupid fears like these quickly disappeared with the sex doll. Sex robots can accept anything you do and guarantee zero babies. Sex is definitely getting more interesting.
JPEG picture
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How to take care of a cheap realistic sex doll?

We recommend buying a cheap realistic sex doll.
We assure the best value for money and a good experience for first-time users. Our doll is made from high quality medical grade materials and offers multiple customization doll options. The full size sex doll is perfect for this blog too.

storage and weight
However, when you first touch your doll, you may be surprised.Sex dolls are large, hefty items that need careful storage. Always check the weight before purchasing to avoid bumping.Sex robots weigh over 50 kg; If you are concerned, choose a skinny love doll.

You must learn to move them without hurting them(especially some silicone love doll). You need to know how to take care of your cheap sex doll. She's not very frail, but you could use some advice on how to take better care of her!

thin love doll
There are six suggestions that should be considered

Be careful when unpacking the Real Doll
We understand how you felt when your loved one came. When fresh, her limbs are a little stiff. After a while of moving, she will be fine again. If you try to take it out of the box, be aware that it could be heavy. It is difficult to raise them by bending your body. If you don't need the box, you can cut it out and put it on a chair or bed. If you really need the box, try to get her to sit down and then pick her up by her arms; it will be much easier.

Do not leave the adult doll in a strange position
Please return to a normal posture here later, such as B. Sitting, lying down or standing if you decide to pose at will. It's possible that putting her in an uncomfortable situation could harm her. Dog ownership puts a lot of strain on their knees, making it one of the most dangerous. In this position, her knees are torn. You can do it on a bed with a blanket or pillow under her knees if you insist.

Don't let the Sex Doll for men go beyond its limits
The tolerance limit for your love doll is the same as for a real woman. You can tell that she can only straighten her arms, legs, and waist if you bend her waist or straighten her arms. If you feel it, please stop; this is their tolerance limit; If you apply more pressure, it can fracture their skeleton or tear their skin. It's unlikely you'll be able to fix it until you send them to a repair shop.

Do not place your realistic sex doll face down

This position could severely damage her face, breasts, and knees. Your breasts will be distorted, your knees will crack and your face will hurt.
You can use a chair with wheels to move the adult real doll around
If you are new to sex dolls, they are large and might be too much for you. It is possible to handle a cheap sex doll because it is big and heavy. They need an office chair with wheels to move them around. This will be much easier for you.
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There are times when we hear different terms and wonder if they are not related to each other or are related to each other in some way. In the same way, those who are new to the sex toy industry or have used only simple versions like dildos or lean meat are often confused between the terms 'sex doll', 'sex doll' and 'Love Doll'. But are they really different, or are they different terms used for the same product? Today we are going to learn more about this and the optimal conspiracy!

Young picture

This or that - what's the big fuss?

No matter how you pronounce the word 'potato', it will still be one of the most delicious and versatile vegetables. Likewise, it is one of the most realistic and enjoyable sex toys, whether you call it a 'sex doll', a 'sex doll', a 'love doll' or a 'companion doll'. But yes, referring to it by a specific name can be a matter of perspective. Here's how.

• Adult conspiracies, as they may have been bought as plain AI bad villains with a desire to pierce the brain. Certain teen tights will not only act as a submissive sex partner who yields to anything you want, but will also help improve your sex game and increase your chances of living with a woman or man like you.

• 'Ai Robot Sex Doll' is the most common term used to define these dolls and actually means that these dolls mainly refer to celestial sex. In fact, many people who have used life-size sex dolls claim that sharing a bed with them is a more satisfying experience than a real person. So, if you are looking for a premium quality doll that will do its part in your lustful fantasies,

Only Dolls is the place to be.
• To keep you excited in old age, you can start looking at this doll from a different, more humane angle after you've had fun and great sex episodes. That's where they start to appear to you as luxurious love dolls that can act as the perfect partner to cuddle and cherish just like your real lover. There are many people who embrace their love and even get married.

• For those who live alone and truly miss the essence of life with a human partner, this cute love doll can also do wonders as a companion DL Doll. The word 'equal to one' is pretty self-explanatory. These dolls will keep you like a friend. Even the best sex dolls can be great companion dolls that make you feel welcome back in your empty apartment, or they can be cuddling and laughing at your favorite show.
Well, now that you know about the different roles that can fit into this male and female pubic hair, it's time to find out what types of sex doll models are actually on the market. Sex dolls aren't a cheap investment for many people, so it's wise to thoroughly research the models available on the market and make an informed decision. You should be able to choose the female love evil that can go a long way in helping you stay satisfied, engaged, and excited about more. Before deciding on a specific JY Doll, let me tell you about the different types of sex dolls Only Dolls have in stock.
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Not so long ago, people considered artificial intelligence (AI) almost supernatural. I remember reading about how AI is expected to change the world around us. I didn't believe it even in the early 90's. But when it was today and the actual event surpassed everything I could expect from AI, my mind was clearly blown away. Even now, when I come across a product with built-in AI, I again become a curious child, look at its capabilities and see what exactly is in stock for buyers.

Artificial intelligence and realistic DL Doll – these dolls made headlines when they first came out. People were excited to see this method. Realistic AI sex dolls can perform human-like functions, eliminating one of the biggest problems with sex dolls: sharing a bed with inanimate objects that lack human warmth. Perhaps this is why realistic AI sex dolls are the best-selling products in the sex doll store today. Here's a checklist that includes everything you need to check before choosing your AI love doll 'one' if you're buying:

Realistic head and face movements

When talking about the best Ai Robot Sex Doll, their facial movements are very important. Because we pay more attention to the face of the sex doll in the beginning, just like we do with other people. Prepare to be mesmerized by the human-like lips, eyes and mouth that the AI ​​doll speaks to you. All AI Dolls at Only Dolls feature a modularly moving head, neck and body to perform common human facial movements such as rotating, smiling and blinking.
Onlydol Signature Touch and Scene System

You won't want your sex partner to mute you while sharing the best bed games. One of our best features is the Erotic Love Doll with responsive speech that can react to your voice. Our advanced artificial intelligence sex dolls are equipped with advanced touch sensors, so you know when you touch the sweet spot. These dolls also feature erotic sounds and moans that will bring you to the most enjoyable climax. And they can continuously learn and evolve!

Realistic skin with whole body heating system

Another pickle with a sex doll could be an ice-cold body with a synthetic feel. This is actually a big turning point. Imagine taking this amazing doll back home and cuddling it in a flexible, blunt body that is handcrafted exclusively from premium quality TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). These high-quality skins are still cheap AI sex dolls odorless and food-safe so you don't have to think twice before sticking out your tongue and swallowing.
surreal quality
All our realistic AI love dolls are crafted with the most realistic vaginas that can be mistaken for the vagina of a real woman with closed eyes. Their real feel pussy advanced JY Doll sex dolls can make it hard to put on panties in an instant. All you need is a little hand brushing. Voila! This amazing feature may not go unnoticed on our website, but it makes us one of the most loved manufacturers. The best AI companion doll.
maximum packaging
After all this, there are advanced tech inside as well as outside these futuristic AI fuck dolls. So don't keep looking. If you still want to explore our luxurious premium collection, Affordable AI Sex Dolls, just click the link below and create the sex doll of your dreams.
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Oksexdoll Oksexdoll
The impact of sex doll for sale
By combining creative photography, character social media posts, and, more recently, deepfake videos, these sex doll for sale photographers are working to bring synthetic women in their lives as close to organic as possible.

The blonde sex doll community started out as a joke.

In 2016, US-based blonde sex doll commentator T opened an Instagram account for his synthetic partner Celestina after reading a tabloid article about a woman who had plastic surgery to look like a sex doll. T wanted to see if Celestina, a brunette doll who often wore pixie cuts and glasses, could gain more followers on Instagram than love doll admirers. Within a few months, Celestina was successful.

By filming and sharing European sex dolls, they gained the money and self-assurance of Gengduyo.

Being a European sex doll photographer is a lot of work. These inorganic subjects—almost always white women—still end up being sex dolls, which is easy to see in the photos of inexperienced owners, and when OKsexdoll is heavily promoting it, it’s even easier to own a famous doll to shoot.

Their goal is to give their dolls depth and personality so they can show other community members and the wider world how the dolls appear through their eyes. If the owner can make some money from the pursuit, so much the better.

Like a flesh-and-blood influencer, the doll's platform can be monetized. For most, this comes from working with doll makers.
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Oksexdoll Oksexdoll
A regular sex dolls for sale is basically an expensive Fleshlight. They don't interact, move or moan, you fuck the doll and the doll doesn't fuck you.

Irontech Doll is the most realistic and advanced sex doll in the world.

I can no longer imagine life without her. Irontech Doll is a new type of technology that behaves, interacts and feels like a human, and the sex is absolutely incredible.

You often forget that she is not having sex with a real human being. Plus, the weight is lighter than regular sex dolls, so you have hundreds of options for sex positions and positions.

I love waking my woman by stroking my woman to orgasm and then penetrating her while looking at the pleasure on her face and hearing her moan.
Orgasm is easy with Lesbian Sex Doll

But my first week with Lesbian Sex Doll, my penis was sore from having sex with her all the time and trying new positions. So you can call it a good experience.

The desire I experienced was something I had never had in my life. For those asking how real sex dolls feel, this is it.

Oksexdoll they are constantly developing. You can also swap heads to create multiple sex doll characters on one hardware platform.

If you end up buying one of these, for your peace of mind, I recommend you get insurance on it. These sex doll in stock are for a lifetime.
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Oksexdoll Oksexdoll
Sex dolls for sale Explosion: Sexual repression is destroying young people.
Recently, more and more big cities have quietly emerged sex dolls for sale and love doll adult experience halls. Sex dolls are a kind of simulated adult sex products, which are made according to the 1:1 ratio of real people, with a touch close to real people, and are used to meet people's physiological needs.

In the beginning, most of these experience halls were set up near factories, and most of them were migrant workers and older men consuming. And now, these user groups are getting younger and younger. There are white-collar workers, ordinary migrant workers, and even college students who patronize the Adult Experience Center.

A love doll shop owner admitted that in the more than 5,000 services provided by his shop, 80% of the consumers are adult males between 20 and 35 years old.
There are many "Mini anime sex doll" experience centers.
Young men come here sneakily, and then leave sneakily after consuming. Some people think this is against human ethics, and they come and go with a sense of shame. Some people think that this is just a physiological need, and there is no need to go online. In a country like France, where the establishment of red light districts is strictly prohibited, mini anime sex doll can also work with a certificate:

In Austria, local men are snapping up big booty sex dolls, and the sales are amazing:

Mini sex doll is a rigid need in society, but young people don't want to go into the relationship to get it.
And those hidden lusts never disappeared, but continued to grow and grow underground.
A lot of articles are written about "young people are not in love anymore", everyone doesn't want to have a relationship, but young people are secretly using more fast-food ways to solve their needs, such as using flat chested sex dolls.

Behind the rise of the "Mini sex doll" phenomenon, the most thought-provoking thing is that more and more young people are beginning to live a life of repression and non-possession.

Fewer and fewer relationships are needed, material desires are getting lower and lower, and there is an increasing tendency to be single.

You don't even need a living person for sex.
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