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Which Is the Best Cat Harness for Your Pet?

When you live in an apartment and want a pet, you will most often choose a cat because it requires much less time and attention than a dog. However, it is good to remember that even such a non-speaker needs a larger territory than a few square meters. A cat harness will allow you to take walks with your feline in a controlled and protected way. Feline lovers know how vital the territory is for them. In the case of apartment animals, the best solution is to expand the available space vertically by placing shelves or toys on the walls.

However, an equally good solution can walk around the neighborhood, which can be done in a way that is as protected as possible, using a special harness and a leash. You will find such accessories in pet shops and primarily online, and we present you with some aspects that are good to consider when buying. In the vast majority of cases, the material in which the harness is made will be nylon. The advantage of this type of material is that it does not get dirty quickly.

The dust and dirt can be cleaned quickly with water, soap, and a brush. In addition, the fabric is usually very tight, so there is no risk of snagging or falling apart. However, an important aspect can be the thickness, especially in the case of models that cover a more significant portion of the body. For animals with short hair or even no hair (Sphinx), and on colder days, you will be able to choose a thicker fabric without problems, but for summer walks, you will instead prefer something like a net or a cat harness, at a price good, made of straps.

The Structure of a Harness

This feature of a cat harness is important from several points of view. First, such a product must be comfortable for your non-speaking friend and not limit his movements because if he feels constrained, the cat will not move or even try desperately to escape. The most comfortable designs are those made of joined straps. They usually surround the neck and trunk area, behind the forelimbs, and are united in the upper or lower part. Ideally, these circumferences can be adjusted within certain limits, depending on the size of each animal, but you will also find more fixed versions.

At reasonable prices, other models of harnesses for cats include a compact structure in the pectoral region (sometimes padded) and straps only on the back. You will also find a cat harness resembling a vest or a sleeve. They cover the entire upper part of the body, leaving only the front legs and the head free. It is the least comfortable option because it can embarrass the movements of the shoulder joint (depending on how low they are cut) and tends to retain heat inside, possibly leading to overheating.

If you still prefer these harnesses, try to find ones made of a thin and perforated material, which allows good ventilation at the skin level. Secondly, such an accessory must be taken down slowly by a strong animal but still be able to be removed if it gets stuck in fences or bushes. These are two desirables that are difficult to combine but which can be found most often in the variants made of thin belts (1 cm).

The Fastening System of a Harness

That will influence, on the one hand, the way you apply and remove the product and, on the other hand, its degree of comfort and stability. Many opinions about the best cat harnesses will opt for trident fastening systems (plastic buckles also found on backpacks) or with straps. Both allow easy mounting and size adjustment to a certain extent and can be quickly unfolded. However, if you choose a cat harness with a classic buckle, you will have to close and open it more, and the cat will not stay put.

The location of the attachment ring for the leash will be found either in the area between the shoulder blades or in the back. In the first case, the control can be applied both from the back and the front, but an intelligent animal can quickly remove the accessory from the head. The other model places you in the back and allows the quadruped to explore as much as you let it. It is more difficult to escape from it, and you won't even be able to pull the animal after you.

Of course, the best cat harness also allows for individualizing your non-speaking friend. The color can be neutral or chosen, especially for females (pink, red) and males (blue, brown). Besides this, you will also find different types of prints, with paws, bones, hearts, popcorn, mice, or polka dots. However, some harness models may include more specific elements that allow the animal to be recognized in the event of its loss. The most straightforward solutions are medallions with names, phone numbers, or pockets where you can insert tickets with the address and other contact data.

A Harness Without a Leash Doesn't Make Sense

The leash can be purchased separately, or you can look for packages that include both elements, which are usually even more advantageous. The most common length is 1.2 m, but you can also choose versions with a button that allow you to adjust as much as you want the distance up to which the cat can walk (up to 3 m, as a rule). If, in addition to cats, you also have other small animals, you can look for a model that fits most of them (although the specific smell of a species can be disturbing when several individuals use the object).

You will find variants that can be used for rabbits, more giant guinea pigs, or ferrets, but also some that can be adjusted for dogs (Chihuahua, Pug, Pomeranian, Shi-Tzu). Suppose you have decided that a cat harness is the ideal solution to give your four-legged friend the freedom he needs. In that case, we recommend starting your search online, where you will find various models complemented by the most straightforward explanations regarding the size and the possibility of adjustment. We continue to present you with some options selected from the Internet.

Publication: 5 September 9:29

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